Sunday, September 14, 2014

Quilt Process, new awning, train ride

I have been working on this pineapple quilt, now called Hedgehogs in the Daisies.  Named because, I was noticing how "Prickly" it was looking, one of the results of paper piecing.  It began to look like pine cones, but then what would pine cones be doing in Daisies?  So, it became hedgehogs instead.  This project seems to never end!  My blocks are rectangles, I stretched them from squares, and I made the corners different, causing myself all sorts of confusion, eventually solved by drawing colors on the back of each paper.  You might notice, I have continued some of the quilt inside, into the border, so the quilt doesn't just END at the border.  I hope there is some continuity. 

I don't have a photo of the back - oh so cute Hedgehogs!!!!   

The brown triangles (below) are also now extended into the border.  The green/brown triangle is sewn in here, not pressed down (fusible).  It will overlap the double border.   I have used this technique before - this time it is tedious!!! The top and bottom shapes are not the same as the right and left shapes.  I realized that late into the process.  

Efforts to extend the corner triangles into the mitered corner were a failure.  I may revisit that option when the miter is all sewn in - not sure.  Sometimes it's better to stop making more work!

This is not a large quilt.  The little strips are about 3/4 in. finished.  I think the quilt is now about 60 x 70 with the border, maybe less.  

Something new - Our awning over the deck had seen better days.  Gears were seemingly stripped, so, "Call the Man!"  This is a Sunsetter, and was installed by a roofing contractor.  It took weeks, not days to get the finally adjustments made because of unusual rain, downpours, hail, etc.  When you live far from the larger town, contractors don't just run out and finish the job - they come when next they have another job.  

The awning gives us another space when weather is nice.  It's not easy to get a nice photo - perhaps I have to climb the tree!  We always roll it up (manual, not electric) when frequent wind picks up.  

Yesterday, we took a day trip, a train ride on an 1880 train, in Hill City, SD, 3 hours north of our home, through so much open country, then Custer State Park, and more.  There is NO traffic out in the open country!!!  The day was beautiful, scenery lovely, this was a Wine Express, with wines and lunch provided on the train by Prairie Winery.  Lovely!  I was unable to get a photo of the old engine, but what a machine it was, puffing out black smoke as it snaked through rocky spaces, past mountain homes.  We saw many deer and turkey. It was a beautiful fall day, warm and sunny.  Most of the recent snow was gone.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quilt Backing - Positive Solution to Error

My previous post mentioned the error when measuring for the backing for a Linus Quilt, Scrappy Trip Around the World.  I was "shy" about 1.5 inches in width, and 4 inches in length.  I didn't have any more of any of the fabric in those squares.  Luckily, none of the 10 inch squares were sewn together, and I HAD this bright pink.  I was not thrilled with those pale, pastel fabrics.    

I was so pleased with this solution that both DH and I agreed it could be used as a "real" quilt top, but NO, it will be the backing.  The pink jazzed it up, and improved the entire coloring, as well as solved my measurement problems.  What a perfect example of errors turning out better than the original!  It actually IS a 2-sided quilt!   I tend to be not fearful of errors because of the great pleasure in getting out of trouble!  

Famous last words when finishing a quilt (or a backing), "It turned out better than I thought it would."

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Linus Quilt

Here's a Scrappy Trip Around the World, for a girl Linus Quilt, yet unquilted.  The SAME fabrics are used in each of the 48, 12-inch blocks.  This clever quilt originally came from
- thank you bunches, Bonnie!  The finished top always looks so cool, no matter what fabrics are used.  Even if one uses a variety of fabrics in each block, I like to use one constant in all the blocks - pink in this case - to provide continuity.  

The backing will be 6 x 8, 10-inch squares, not yet put together.  Here is a closeup of the butterflies in the border.  I named this one "Blue Skies and Butter Flys".  8-)) It is a little large for a small child, but good for the older kids who sometimes get lost in the attention to little ones.  This quilt finishes at 59" x 83".  My backing squares finish at 60 x 80. mmm, do you see my problem?  This is called "Poor Planning"!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Handsome Log Cabin

I laughingly called this a "Handsome Log Cabin, and the name stuck!  It was destined for a donation quilt - now, I am not sure.  It started out so "humble-y" and my goodness, now I really LOVE it!  It's amazing how a setting can alter a design!

The border AND the columns are quilted in a variety designs.  I like ALL of them but discovered that longish straight lines in the light parts of the Log Cabin didn't work well.  (I quilt on a DSM, not easy to do straight lines!).  I removed them and re-quilted that area with shorter lines - much better - still not straight, but OK and more interesting.  

I used light thread in light half of Log Cabin, columns, dark in dark half of Log Cabin

Innies and outies, ala  in a squarish design.  Because there was a large area, I chalked some gridlines as guides. 

Below are small paisley-type plumes. 

Here are some swirls in the dark  (complete with a thread hanging on!) 

Curly things in the light.

More curly things - some people call these "bananas".  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Making Quilt Barn Blocks

I was "empty" in ideas for a friend's birthday, but then ... a lightning bolt hit me and I remembered her conversations about tours in her area featuring Quilt Barn Blocks!  Eureka - I can make one for her birthday!  BTW, this is the same friend who yesterday, received the Raffle quilt!  I had started this idea before she won that quilt.  

No, it's not perfect, but  I'm LOVING it!

Months ago, I painted 4 quilt blocks on the garage (Lady of the Lake) and I smile each time I see it, but it's painted on the siding, not on a separate board.  Painting on siding has issues!

The local lumber store cut my exterior grade plywood -- I had to buy a 24 in. square.  I needed a 16 inch square.  First, a little sanding, then primered front and back with regular oil-based house paint (used what I had from deck work).

I wanted a simple design that would have some color at the corners, and eventually decided on a simple Buckeye Beauty or Jewel Box -- this is the beginning.  The periwinkle blue (already had) was left over from my own block on the garage.  Because she is not a quilter, I wanted her to see how putting 4 blocks together made a new design.  These colors are water-based.

There is a lot of taping, letting dry, more taping.  Next time I do this, I'll try another plan but for now, here it is.  The greens and blues needed several coats, but they dried quickly.
 It's looking almost finished ... I used some steel wool to take off the glossy look.
mmm - needs something -- yessss -- it needs quilting stitches!  Yeah - looks better now!  You MUST have stitches!!!  (Sharpie)

DH helped by cutting the framing strips, also sanded, primered and painted.  He was so funny - these guys - at first when I mentioned this idea, he thought I was bonkers.  One step at a time and next thing I knew, he was wanting to help!
I bought some screw eyes and found a wire and voila - DONE!   I signed it in a corner, boxed it up and mailed.  It went from western Nebraska to Chicago area in 2 days.

SHE LOVED IT!  We were on SKYPE when she opened it.  I had told her that SHE had given me the hints, but she never could guess what was coming.  8-)))

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gifts, People, and Raffle Quilt WON, and going to new owner!

I've been VERY busy with quilting, quilt show, making things, enjoying cool weather, etc.

First, Pokey of, (California) and I have been dropping blog comments back and forth, and one day she found out I lived in her family home town!
So, I heard a rumor that she was visiting my town, and we had a lovely visit.  Quilters always have something to talk about!  Pokey on left, me on right.

Next is the sweet little scissors holder, to keep the point from poking someone, made by my dear friend Jody - Jody is a gal who can do anything!.  Thank you Jody. 8-))

Next, and the BIG THING .... MY NAME WAS PULLED FOR THIS GORGEOUS GUILD RAFFLE QUILT, 2014!  This stunner was made by members of the guild, and quilted by our own, national award winner and professional long arm quilter, award winner, Judy Woodworth. It is an amazing quilt, with crystals accentuating areas, flames, rays, in addition all the lovely hand work. Judy's quilting is astonishingly beautiful.

However, there is one  ... change in the "normal" procedure, that I get the quilt.  Last Christmas, I took my 10 raffle tickets that members receive as part of our annual dues, I put my name on them, turned them back in to the appropriate chairperson, and then sent the stubs to a friend in Illinois, as part of her Christmas present.  If my name was drawn, then SHE was the winner - and, it came TRUE!!!  My friend Fern, who visited us recently, gets the quilt!!!!  Who wudda guessed????  I am so happy I KNOW the new owner! She had a note on her calendar for the drawing date and since no one had called her, figured "oh well, didn't win anything."  So I called later when I got home and gave her the news.  What fun!

I took it home briefly, so I could take photos and today am boxing it up to mail, hopefully in the next day or two.  This is a queen size 84 x 106 - very large -- too large to get it up on the fence for photos, but you can see the beauty of the appliques and motifs.  The candle is a favorite with crystals looking like flames.

BIG congratulations Fern!!!